MC10 innovates along a new axis: FORM

MC10’s technology platform is a unique combination of conventional electronics and novel mechanics that enable a new generation of thin, conformal electronic systems.

MC10 - The Problem


Electronics are rigid and boxy

Most of the electronic systems that power our digital life are flat and inflexible. That works for our phones and computers, but not our bodies.

MC10 - The Reality


Humans are soft and curvy

It’s not rocket science that skin and organs are delicate and far from two-dimensional.

MC10 - The Solution


Electronics that conform to humans

We’re reshaping electronics into products that bend, stretch, and flex – all without compromising performance.

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[image-caption id=”thin-picture” caption=”We’re talking micro and nano-thin (one fifth the width of human hair) structures that can be integrated into low-profile devices.”]
[image-caption id=”state-of-art-picture” caption=”State-of-the art silicon devices that can be integrated into three-dimensional applications, moving systems and space-constrained areas. Conventional electronics can’t touch this.”]
[image-caption id=”combine-picture” caption=”Easily combined with highly stretchable fabrics and rubbers that can reach over 200% stretch while preserving silicon performance.”]
[image-caption id=”cost-picture” caption=”Gives power and products to the people by delivering cost and quality advantages of Moore’s Law-driven supply chain.”]
[image-caption id=”rand-picture” caption=”From baby temp monitors to solar helmets to cardiac catheters, the applications of MC10’s technology are as endless as our future partners.”]