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Giving our troops an unfair advantage in the field.
Let There Be Power.


Technology and knowledge play a huge part on the battlefield. By integrating our invisible electronics into military gear in a way that doesn’t add to our troops’ already heavy load, we’re maximizing performance and minimizing risk. We’ve made it possible to wirelessly monitor a soldier’s hydration, temperature and other indicators from a remote desert or a submerged submarine. Let’s just say we wouldn’t want to be the other guys.


We’ve joined forces with the U.S. Army to transform renewable energy. Flexible solar energy harvesters in rucksacks, helmets and other gear, give soldiers discreet, renewable power where there was none. Best of all solar harvesting fabrics are lightweight and stretchable – which can make all the difference in combat.

Off the battlefield, we’re developing endless personal power possibilities. Imagine a stretchable solar cell on a wearable UV patch, that uses the sun’s rays to power the patch. Or power harvesting fabric – think on your cap, or jacket – that relays power to all of the electronic devices that you’re wearing or carrying.  It’s recycled wearable energy – courtesy of our sensors and a little thing called the sun.


  • Prediction and prevention of injury
  • Early warning of degraded performance
  • Enhanced health and safety of troops
  • Improved combat casualty care

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Breaking Free

Future Materials Magazine interviews MC10 co-founder and VP of Business Development, Ben Schlatka, on how MC10 is removing the constraints of conventional electronics with the development of technology that stretches and expands with the body.

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