Systems Engineer

Job Description / Intro

We are looking for a Systems Engineer to help design and implement all components of our service and infrastructure.  The usual bullet points follow but the short version is, you'll be part of the team responsible for standing up and maintaining everything necessary to run the code our developers create and ensure our service is available to our customers.


  • Design, implement and maintain systems to:
    • deploy and manage the infrastructure
    • deploy and manage systems
    • gather metrics and monitor the infrastructure
    • gather system and application logs
    • deploy and monitor our custom applications
  • Develop and implement automation for all of the above
  • Ensure the service is available to our customers.
    • This includes participating in an on-call rotation.
  • Monitor, test and analyze application performance
    • Recommend mechanisms to enhance performance
    • Work with the developers to implement those enhancements.
  • Ensure systems are secured and comply with regulatory guidance and company policies. (Some of what we do is covered by HIPAA and FDA regulations.)
  • Provide for service continuity in the event of a partial or total system failure
  • Provide 2nd and 3rd level support to both the development and customer service teams

Minimum Qualifications / Requirements

  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
  • 5+ years experience maintaining production systems in a web environment
  • Proficient Linux system administrator
  • Solid experience administering and tuning application stacks/frameworks, e.g. Tomcat, NGINX, WSGI, Django
  • Solid scripting skills: proficient with bash, working knowledge of python
  • Proficient with AWS EC2 & S3
  • Experience with virtualization and containerization
  • Solid understanding of TCP/IP Networking
  • Proficient with a modern configuration management tool, e.g. Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack
  • Understanding of modern approaches to web services
  • Experience with a metrics gathering system, e.g. Graphite/Collectd, Graphana/InfluxDB, Prometheus
  • Experience with a centralized logging system, e.g. ELK, Splunk, Logentries
  • Experience with a CI/Job management tool such as Jenkins or TeamCity

About MC10

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