About MC10

Where is MC10 located?
MC10 is located in Lexington, MA. Visit our Contact Us Page for directions to our office and contact information.
Is MC10 hiring?
Yes! Check out the MC10 Careers Page for information on job postings and joining the team.

About the BioStamp Research Connect System:


How much does the BioStampRC® System cost?
For first-time buyers, the BioStampRC System is sold in two beginner kit sizes. Evaluation Kits are $2,500 and discounted to $1,500 for academic and nonprofit researchers. Evaluation Kits include 3 sensors, 21 adhesives, 1 charger, 1 Samsung tablet, 1 tube of skin contact gel and unlimited data access for three years. Discovery Kits are $12,000 and discounted to $9,000 for academic and nonprofit researchers. Discovery Kits include 15 sensors, 25 packs of adhesives (21 adhesives per pack), 15 chargers, 1 Samsung tablet, 2 tubes of skin contact gel and unlimited data access for three years.
How can I purchase the BioStampRC System?
If you are a first-time buyer, visit BioStampRC login page to purchase a kit or request a quote. If you are an existing BioStampRC system user, you can define a study in the Investigator Portal and purchase the additional system components recommended for your study. We do not distribute products from our corporate offices.
How quickly can I expect my purchase to be shipped?
Typical orders will ship next day, and arrive within four to five business days. For transactions completed with a purchase order, we estimate an additional two to three days for credit approval once the PO is received.
Can the system be shipped outside the U.S.?
The BioStampRC System is available for purchase and shipment in the U.S. and Canada only.

System Questions

How can I verify that the BioStampRC System will work for my particular study?
The BioStampRC System was designed to be used in a wide variety of study designs. To help you assess whether the system suits your needs, we provide a low-cost Evaluation Kit that you can use to run pilot studies. Download sample system data for analysis here, or contact us at BioStampRC@mc10inc.com to learn more about the system.
I’m submitting a study to my IRB, do you have documentation to help?

We provide a series of documents necessary for IRB submissions. Please see the links below:

To obtain any other documentation, such as a Non-Significant Risk letter, please contact MC10.
Can I use the BioStampRC System with my own tablet?
MC10 recommends using the provided Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tablet with the Investigator App. This tablet in particular gives the optimal user experience with our system, and has been tested extensively in-house. We do not provide support for other tablet models. For questions related to using a different tablet, please contact MC10.
What certifications does the BioStampRC System have?
The BioStampRC Sensors are certified under FCC Part 15. The charger has an FCC Part 18 Declaration of Conformity. Both components are certified CSA compliant.
Does the BioStampRC System comply with HIPAA security/privacy standards?
Although the BioStampRC System does not store protected health information or personally identifiable information, it does comply with security best practices at all system levels. For example, data is transmitted to the cloud using HTTPS protocols, via an encrypted connection.
Does the BioStampRC System provide streaming access to raw data?

The BioStampRC System does not support streaming data at this time. The system has been optimized for unsupervised data collection followed by post-hoc synchronization of multiple data streams using a central server. The sensors and tablet must be within range for a Bluetooth® SMART connection (recommended within 1-2 meters) to start and stop recording, and to synchronize data. At other times, the sensors do not need to be within range of the tablet or any other system.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by MC10 is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

How do I access my data?
Data captured by the BioStampRC System is synced to the cloud-based Investigator Portal through the Investigator App on the tablet. All data from past and present studies is available for visualization and download through the Investigator Portal. We also provide an API for data access that provides fine-grained data access for individual studies, subjects, recordings, activities and arbitrary time ranges. We provide example code for accessing and processing data.
Can I use the BioStampRC System when not in range of a WiFi network?
Yes. Although the BioStampRC Investigator App works best when it can communicate with the Investigator Portal, most of its functionality is available in offline mode. To enter offline mode, simply turn off WiFi for the tablet, or move out of range of a network. While in this mode, the Investigator App will not be able to synchronize with the Investigator Portal. As a result, you will not be able to join new studies or sync data until the tablet is back in WiFi range. If you need these features while away from a WiFi network, you can tether the tablet to another device such as a mobile phone or portable hotspot.
Does the software package include algorithms?
The BioStampRC System was designed to provide access to raw data and does not include algorithms at this time. Algorithm packages are under development and are available to customers for preference testing only. See below for more information about publicly available data processing tools.
Do you provide algorithms for computing heart rate, R-R intervals or heart rate variability?
At this time, we don't offer any metrics for analyzing recordings of biopotentials. However, there are many existing algorithms for processing cardiac data; the most popular is Pan-Tompkins and various derivatives of it that have been developed over the years. You can also check PhysioNet, which has a wide variety of code and algorithm examples available for download.
What is the difference between the Investigator Portal and the Investigator App?

The Investigator Portal is a web-based environment where you can order BioStampRC kits and components, design studies and visualize and download data. The Investigator Portal can be accessed using a number of internet browsers.

The Investigator App runs on the provided tablet and is used to activate sensors, execute studies, and sync data from sensors to the cloud. The Investigator App can be found pre-loaded on the tablet provided in your BioStampRC Kit.

I’ve ordered an Evaluation or Discovery Kit, how can I access my account?
Once you receive your BioStampRC Kit, use the email address and password you provided when you purchased the kit to log in to the Investigator App. The Investigator App is pre-installed on the tablet in your kit. After logging into the tablet and accepting the terms of use and privacy policy, you will be able to log in to the Investigator Portal.
What API/SDK support do you provide?
We provide an open API for fine-grained access to data from the cloud. For more information, visit https://www.mc10cloud.com/apidoc/.
How is data from the BioStampRC sensors formatted?
Data accessed through the API is returned in JSON format. Our front-end tools in the Investigator Portal and the API example code convert this data to CSV files. Both JSON and CSV are standard, open formats that can be accessed using a variety of tools and libraries. Timestamps are provided in Epoch Time and/or human-readable forms. Accelerometer data is in G’s (one number per axis), gyroscope data is in degrees/sec (one number per axis), and biopotential data is in volts.
How accurate is the system?

Since our system provides raw data, the most appropriate validation is to compare the raw signals to known inputs (accelerations, rotations, voltages).

Sensor Precision (minimum detectable change) Absolute Accuracy
Accelerometer 0.006 G 0.03 G
Gyroscope 0.18 deg/sec 3.5 deg/sec


Analog Front-End for Electrodes Noise Floor of 100 uV RMS
How has the system been validated?
We submitted two peer-reviewed papers validating the system that were accepted to the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference. The papers demonstrate the investigational approaches introduced by the BioStampRC System, from measuring knee range of motion from skin-mounted accelerometers to developing machine learning models from a wearable computing platform. For an updated list of publications involving the BioStampRC System, please visit our Resources Page.


How long can you wear the BioStampRC sensors?
BioStampRC sensors should be worn for no more than 24 hours without replacing the disposable adhesive.
Can the BioStampRC sensors be reused between study subjects?
Yes. BioStampRC sensors can be reused between study subjects, but they should always be cleaned and re-issued with a fresh adhesive. Please reference the user manual for proper cleaning procedures.
How should I clean the BioStampRC sensors?
BioStampRC sensors are shipped clean, and they do not require cleaning before initial use. If you remove a sensor from a subject and plan to replace it later, clean the sensor before re-use. We recommend cleaning the sensor prior to recharging. To clean, simply remove and dispose of the adhesive sticker, wash the sensor by hand using soap and water, and pat dry. BioStampRC sensors tolerate exposure to 70% isopropyl alcohol, but the adhesives may interact with residual alcohol. Be sure to allow alcohol-exposed sensors to dry thoroughly before applying adhesives. Adhesive residue may also be removed using Uni-solve adhesive remover.
Can sensors be worn while swimming or showering?
Yes. BioStampRC sensors can be submerged in water up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Care should be taken not to peel the sensors off of the body while showering or bathing.
What measurements are supported by the BioStampRC sensor?
Range ±2-16ɡ0
Bit Depth 16
Precision 5 mɡ0
Sample Rate 15.625-250 Hz ± 10%
Zero-ɡ Output ±60 mɡ0
Range ±2000 °/s
Bit Depth 16
Resolution 0.2 °/s
Sample Rate 25-250 Hz ± 10%
Electrodes (1-channel)
Range ±200 mV
Resolution 0.006 mV
Bit Depth 16
Sampling Rate 125-250 Hz ± 10%
Do the BioStampRC sensors irritate the skin?
We have developed the adhesive stickers to balance a secure connection between the sensor and skin with a formula that minimizes the chance of irritation. However, skin sensitivity varies among wearers. Some subjects may experience mild redness from adhesives, but it is typically not harmful. If subjects experience significant irritation, discontinue use of BioStampRC sensors on those subjects.
How long does a battery charge last?
The battery life can last anywhere from 2 to over 24 hours, depending on the sensor modes activated. There is an indicator in the Investigator Portal that provides an estimated lifetime based on each sensor’s configuration. If the sensor is fully charged, most recording modes will fill the sensor memory before depleting the battery.
Where can I wear BioStampRC sensors?

The BioStampRC sensors can be worn on multiple locations, and multiple sensors can be worn by one person at the same time. The system currently supports sensor assignment to the following locations:


If you are interested in a body location that isn't listed, please let us know.

What is the spacing between electrodes to detect biopotential?
This is ultimately a 2-electrode system, wherein we have 2 physical electrodes connected to each electrode terminal. Nominally, the electrical electrodes are 4.32cm apart from each other.
Do BioStampRC sensors support external triggering?
Because the BioStampRC sensors are designed for autonomous use outside of lab environments, they don’t have external trigger inputs. To align BioStampRC data with other data streams post-hoc, we recommend capturing the date/time of triggering signals using a calibrated time reference (e.g., an NTP-synchronized computer).