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8 Rising Digital Health Solutions for Clinical Trials

Tuesday, November 08, 2016   • Posted by Erika Vázquez


CNS Summit 2016’s Innovation Showcase invites game changing technology to the stage

CNS Summit 2016, an event uniting novel solutions and technology with clinical trial decision-makers, took place October 27th - 30th in Boca Raton.

The Summit joined pharma leaders with companies working to solve challenges in the clinical trial process using technology and digital tools. Representatives from Biogen, Quintiles, Pfizer, Novartis,TEVA, and other top pharmaceutical and biotech companies spoke on their experiences and projections for the impact of technology on the sector. A cornerstone of the Summit, the Innovation Showcase invited companies to present their cutting-edge products or services to the audience.

The 8 companies accepted to the Innovation Showcase Stage:

1. Click Therapeutics has developed the Clickometrics® platform to digitize and personalize care. The platform is customized to build different Digital Therapeutics™ programs to improve cognitive and behavioral outcomes for a range of high risk populations. Digital Therapeutics solutions have been designed for applications including smoking cessation, obesity, pain, Alzheimer’s, and insomnia.

2. Clinithink is a tool to help healthcare IT vendors and their customers take advantage of unstructured clinical data. Clinithink analyzes patient data from EMRS, CRFS, PROs, and more, to improve trial feasibility, subject recruitment, and pharmacovigilance.

3. Litmus Health helps pharmaceutical companies to reach go/no-go decisions during early-stage clinical trials. The Litmus platform uses data collected from wearables, smart devices, and home sensors to guide management and inform trial endpoints. Litmus was designed to integrate with any wearable or connected device.

4. MC10 was honored to join the group of innovators on the stage. We shared the BioStampRC® System, and end-to-end tool to guide researchers from study design to execution. The BioStampRC System combines the comfort and accuracy of BioStamp® Sensors with MC10’s software platform to collect and organize data in a method that is both easy for researchers and unobtrusive for study subjects.

5. Monocl is a strategy consulting firm that specializes in helping biotech companies bring their solutions to preclinical and phase II development. The company also developed Monocl EGO, an analytics platform designed to improve decision-making by helping customers identify and sort scientific experts and leads, engage with stakeholders, quantify markets and research areas, and integrate data.

6. Parallel 6 promises a solution to simplify patient enrollment, engagement, and management. With the Clinical6™ platform, customers can customize clinical trial apps or websites for streamlined digital recruitment and onboarding. The platform also enables real-time subject engagement through notifications, alerts, and surveys and provides real-time reports and analytics.

7. PhysIQ applies ai and machine learning to detect vital sign patterns and deviations from physiological data captured by wearable and implantable sensors. Payers, providers, pharma, and medical device companies can engage the device-agnostic platform to leverage wearable bio-sensors.

8. Zephyr Health leverages global health data and analytics to help inform and connect life sciences companies. Zephyr’s Illuminate platform offers a range of services including physician and hospital scoring, identifying trends and comparing customers, and providing customer profiles, recommendations, and segment analytics.

CNS Summit 2016’s Innovation Showcase successfully introduced new solutions to the clinical trial arena. The majority of audience votes went to MC10, Monocl, and Clinithink. The MC10 team was honored to be awarded the Innovation Award and to present alongside breakthrough companies initiating long awaited change.

View the MC10 Wins Innovation Award at CNS Summit 2016 Innovation Showcase Press Release.