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MC10 Perspective: Technology’s role in the Changing Healthcare Landscape

Thursday, June 01, 2017   • Posted by MC10

Jesús Pindado, MC10’s VP of Engineering, shared his thoughts on the role of wearables and digital tools as healthcare evolves, as well as the story and vision behind MC10 for episode 28 of the web series Flow my Friend.

(3:39 - 5:07) Jesús explains how technology, like MC10 sensors, fits into a healthcare system where we see the relationship between doctors and patients changing. The solutions for healthcare problems are becoming increasingly grounded in the objective, on real patient-captured data. A physician’s understanding of a patient’s health is no longer limited to a moment or day of testing, but can now be informed by longitudinal, real-world data collected seamlessly from wearable sensors. This wealth of data makes it much easier to understand the progression of diseases, or the path to recovery, looking holistically at a patient’s mood, energy, and activity.

(5:26 - 6:04) Looking back at the story behind MC10, the company is rooted in biocompatible, flexible electronics. Jesús describes how MC10 exists at the intersection of electronics, materials science, and data processing. 

(9:17 - 11:04) He shares how “MC10, from the very beginning, was founded with the vision of flexible electronics.”

(13:24-14:47) Examining the spectrum of wearables on the market, Jesús talks to the “explosion of devices in the consumer space.” There are an abundance of wearables helping the general public maintain a healthier lifestyle. On the other end of the wearables spectrum, Jesús explains, MC10 is focused on delivering clinical grade technology and data.

(18:21 - 20:02) Looking toward the future, as digital health tools continue to evolve and become more seamlessly integrated into the healthcare delivery system, Jesús sees potential for VR and wearable sensors to join forces. He envisions a close loop feedback system, measuring physiological responses and adjusting the VR experience accordingly, to guide patients through recovery.