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A Health-Monitoring Sticker Powered by Your Cell Phone

August 3, 2016

MIT Technology Review's Katherine Bourzac explores the newest epidermal electronic to come out of Professor John Rogers's lab.

"His latest creation, described today in the journal Science Advances, puts together several of these innovations. For instance, one sensor uses light-sensitive dyes to measure exposure to ultraviolet light—a feature also found in the first product developed by Rogers’s startup, Lexington, Massachusetts-based MC10. The company’s My UV Patch is being marketed by cosmetics giant L’Oreal and also uses dyes to monitor UV exposure.

This new device also measures heart rate and blood oxygenation using four LEDs to shine different colors of light into the skin. Changes to the color of the reflected light is picked up by photodetectors. A person’s heart rate is displayed as a flashing light."

Read the full MIT Tech Review story here.

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