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July 28, 2015

From the rags to riches story of consumer band Fitbit (valued at >$9bn) to the moonshot dreams of tech giant Google, the past month generated an explosion of headlines from companies working to harness the terabytes of data created by the human body. We see a growing consensus among the likes of Wall Street analysts, “shark investor” Mark Cuban, and large healthcare behemoths that digital biometric data will revolutionize healthcare (or at least help you get a good night’s sleep).

Despite the recognition that collecting and analyzing human-generated data may drive better health outcomes, the marriage of technology and healthcare is still tenuous with new companies walking a tightrope between pushing innovation and appealing to the gold standards of physicians. To rely on a new device in clinical practice, there can be no questions around the accuracy of the metrics. As our own Scott Pomerantz is fond of saying, we need to give physicians “clinical-fidelity metrics outside of the clinic.

At MC10, we are busy refining our smart body on-board diagnostic systems (“bODS”) that deliver actionable health insights to all the P’s of healthcare (physicians, patients, providers, and payers). Speaking of P’s, we are excited to give a few updates on our clinical Partnerships. We are teaming up with the University of Rochester to conduct clinical research to develop future disease-specific algorithms. And we are making progress in our ongoing collaboration with Belgian pharmaceutical UCB; as UCB’s Director of Neurology Dolors Terricabras told PWC about the project, “Collecting the same type of data in a structured manner…could lead to the discovery of unmet needs that even patients or physicians haven’t realized were there.”

From his lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, our very own Dr. John Rogers is stretching (pun intended) the boundaries of skin-mounted electronics, showing the potential for MC10 technology to discreetly monitor brain waves and detect skin health.

We saved the most exciting announcement for last, trusting that the truly devoted MC10 fans would stick with us to the end of our newsletter (or be drawn to the mysterious photo of a demolished office).

MC10 has officially moved its headquarters to the hometown of #12-ranked All-Time Greatest Survivor Winner Ethan Zohn and location of the “shot heard round the world:” Lexington, Massachusetts.

To see how it turned out, check us out on Facebook.

Now it is time for us to start filling the space! We are looking for the next 35 Innovators Under 35 (or a handful of engineers of all ages that like to solve difficult problems). 

We look forward to hosting you at our new location to demo our technology or play a round of ping-pong.

Look out for more exciting product announcements in the next six months. And remember, flexibility is the key to happiness (and next-generation wearable computers).

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We’re thinking about data security too, and we’ll be at the Internet of Medical Things on Wednesday, July 29 to learn more.

Want to talk research? So does Rav Sheth; find him at EMBC from August 25-29 in Milan.

Can you ‘Bend it like Beckham’? Roozbeh Ghaffari can, and he’ll be at MD&M Philadelphia on October 7 to talk next generation medical technology.

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