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Medical Design and Outsourcing: 4 ways wearables will transform healthcare’s future

August 18, 2017

Medical Design and Outsourcing spoke with MC10 CMO Art Combs about the ways he predicts medical grade wearables will transform healthcare. 

"Wearable technology is moving beyond consumer-grade health and wellness devices – the daily step counters and heart rate trackers offered by the likes of Apple, Fitbit and Garmin.

'They’re convenient, small, portable and inexpensive, but you don’t use consumer items for life and death,' said Dr. Arthur Combs, chief medical officer at flexible electronics company MC10 (Lexington, Mass.).

Wearables, however, are becoming more prominent in the regulated world of medical devices, pushing the envelope for monitoring different conditions."

Read the full story on his vision for the future of healthcare. 

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