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PCH plans tattoo-like 'wearable stamp' for contactless payments

April 12, 2016

Liam Casey’s PCH is teaming up with a Massachusetts company to bring to market a “wearable stamp” designed to enable to allow users to make contactless payments.

"The manufacturing company has signed a partnership with MC10, which has developed the technology.

PCH said the deal “will allow brands to develop a variety of consumer applications for the platform, which is a skin-worn, ultra-thin, stretchable and disposable stamp.”

As well as contactless payments, the companies hope the product – which is similar to a disposable tattoo – will be able to facilitate hotel room access, event registration, and interactive experiences at amusement parks, sporting and music events, when paired with a smartphone, tablet, or near-field communication reader."

See the Irish Independent coverage of our PCH partnership here.

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