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Skin-thin NFC Patch Goes to Market

April 25, 2016

A version of the adhesive patch—no thicker than a human hair—is currently being tested by L'Oreal to help consumers track their sun exposure.

"MC10, which developed the underlying NFC and sensor technology, was founded in 2008 by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign professor John Rogers, in order to commercialize his work developing stretchable, wearable biometric sensors in the school's lab. The patches he developed, with built-in electronics, were designed to be flexible.

'Electronic technology, traditionally rigid and bulky, was now able to flex, twist and stretch to match the properties of the human body," says Ben Schlatka, MC10's co-founder and VP of corporate development. "We have found that the application that has the most promise, and that will do the most good, is in the health-care sector. We have devoted our resources to the mission of expanding the knowledge of human health.'"

Read the full RFID Journal story here.

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