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NY Times: L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator: Creating the Future of Beauty

April 10, 2017

The New York Times spoke with Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L'Oréal's Technology Incubator, to learn how the cosmetics giant is innovating the world of beauty. 

My UV Patch, built on MC10's WiSP platform, was part of the conversation: 

"In the case of one project — My UV Patch, introduced in January 2016 by L’Oréal’s La Roche-Posay skin care brand — that need might even be lifesaving.

The heart-shaped patch is a wearable adhesive containing photosensitive dyes that change color when exposed to UV rays. It was designed in partnership with MC10, a health tech firm based in Cambridge, Mass., that specializes in flexible electronics, and built by PCH, a manufacturer with a hub near the incubator’s San Francisco location.

To demonstrate how easy it is to use, Mr. Balooch peeled off the back of one sticker — it measures about one inch and is half the thickness of a strand of hair — and affixed it to his left hand. 'It’s like a second skin,' he said. 'It lasts up to five days. You can wrinkle the skin with it, you can shower. We had people swimming with it.'

When paired with an app, Mr. Balooch said the monitoring device had been proven to change behavior.

'The data today shows 60 percent of people who use the app have less sunburn and 30 percent are using more sunscreen,' he said.

'I love the idea of that project because it’s truly about changing the lives of consumers. Because we’re in R. & D., our goal is not to market products. Our goal is to make great consumer technologies and then work with marketing to put a beautiful story behind them.'"

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