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Wearables Startup Takes Slow, Deliberate Path Toward FDA

March 23, 2016

MC10's flexible sensors began in the world of sports, but the company's aim to solve broad healthcare problems will eventually bring it within FDA's fold.

"But the BioStamp Research Connect has more to it than the smart band-aids. The goal is to ultimately look for better ways to use data from sensors, find patterns and move the needle in healthcare.

'This allows us to reach into the imagination of so many amazing researchers here in the U.S. who are looking for better ways to bring the clinic into the home which is very much what we want to do,' Sheth explained.

So in what areas in the future may we see regulated applications emerge? They could be in movement disorders emerging from neurological conditions; they could be to target posture, balance or gait-related issues that could result from orthopedic procedures such as joint replacement, and they could be in cardiology where sensors can measure "signals of interest" that could be relevant in cardiac monitoring, Sheth said."

Read more about MC10's healthcare goals in the MD+DI story.

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