BioStamp nPoint®

BioStamp nPoint is an FDA 510(k) cleared medical device designed to collect medical grade, clinical quality bio-metric, physiological and other eCOA data in a clinical trial setting.

The system processes raw data into recognizable clinical metrics including vital signs, activity and posture classification, sEMG, and sleep metrics. The sensors are multi-modal, multi-location, rechargeable and reusable. All collected data are processed and stored in a secure cloud that can be synchronized with third party EDC and CTM systems. 

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BioStamp Research Connect™


Built from the ground up with researchers in mind, the BioStampRC® system is the simplest way to gather complex physiological data.

The BioStampRC® system is being phased out. Exploratory and Discovery Kits will no longer be sold after July 15, 2018. Warranty claims will be honored through July 15, 2019. Replacement parts will be sold while supplies last. Adhesives for the BioStampRC® system will be sold through October 15, 2018 while supplies last. 

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Smarter healthcare starts with stronger knowledge. Outcomes are the new currency in healthcare. Providers must justify expensive therapies and distinguish which patients will benefit from a given treatment.

The Kintinuum™ system promises to revolutionize our ability to assess real-world health outcomes. The uniquely wearable sensors conform to the human body for maximum patient comfort. Using a combination of objective data collected from these novel sensors and patient-reported subjective data, the Kintinuum™ system offers a new way to quantify treatment efficacy. Payers, organizations, and providers can work with MC10 to build a rich data repository that will ultimately drive the right care for the right patient at the right cost.

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