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Our Mission

We are driven by a mission to improve human health

through digital healthcare solutions.

Our Company

In 2008, John Rogers – a founder of MC10 and scientific visionary – set out to redefine the boundaries between humans and electronics. The revolutionary stretchable electronics that he and his team developed serve today as the technological groundwork for MC10’s products – a new generation of research and medical solutions that empower all of us to better understand our health. With Rogers’ technological developments as our guidepost, MC10 now employs an extraordinary multi-disciplinary team united around a common goal of using technology to improve human health.

Our Technology

MC10 uses cutting edge technology to create the most intelligent, flexible platform for biometric healthcare analytics. Our hardware and software systems are uniquely designed to minimize burden and maximize health insights.

Traditional electronic devices are rigid, bulky and fundamentally mismatched to the properties of the human body. MC10 products are thin and flexible, and built to stretch, bend and twist seamlessly with our bodies and the world around us.

MC10’s software platform consists of a complete end-to-end system with mobile interfaces, cloud storage and analytical tools. Lean, agile software development allows us to create robust systems to support the high volume of data gathered by the BioStamp® and WiSP™ platforms. Using the most powerful tools in big data analytics and machine learning, MC10’s software translates the body’s data into a language understandable to humans.

MC10’s technology empowers all of us to better understand our bodies and work towards improving human health.




MC10 has partnered with L’Oréal to create My UV Patch, the first-ever stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor UV exposure and help consumers educate themselves about UV-induced sun damage and protection. The stretchable, peel-and-stick wearable unites L’Oréal’s extensive scientific research and skin expertise with MC10’s strong technological capabilities in physiological sensing and pattern recognition algorithms to measure skin changes over time.


In 2014, MC10 and Belgium-based UCB initiated the development of a patient-focused disease management solution using MC10’s BioStamp® platform. The collaboration is focused on the integration of MC10’s novel, conformal sensing system with UCB’s pharmaceutical products to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with severe neurological disorders.

University of Rochester

MC10 has partnered with the University of Rochester to unite the company’s powerful technological capabilities in physiological sensing and pattern recognition algorithms with the university’s clinical expertise and commitment to big data analytics. Together, we are working to develop solutions for today’s most pressing healthcare challenges.